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Shower tray perfectly suits to your needs

Shower trays are in different shapes, dimensions and materials of which they are made of. Nevertheless, choosing the proper shower tray to your bathroom can be problematic. Specialist on the bathing area – Sanplast SA company – gives you some advice, what you should know to decide which product will be perfect for your bathroom.

Shape is important

Bathroom equipment market is full of different type of shower trays. Shower trays in half-round, round , square and rectangular variants are available in Sanplast offer. Half-round shower trays take less space than the square and rectangular ones. These in turn are more universal. They can be installed in the corner, next to the wall and in the alcove. The variety of shapes of shower trays allows you for perfect fitting for the rest of the bathroom equipment - ceramics and furniture.

Design versus functionality

Standard shower tray dimensions are 80x80cm, 90x90cm or 100x100cm (square and half-round). In Sanplast offer you can find bigger ones – with the width even up to 180cm, what gives you possibility to adjust the shower tray to each, even untypical shower enclosure. Depth of shower tray is also very important issue. Shallow shower trays are becoming more and more popular lately. Interesting design and giving modern look for the interior are characteristic for these group of shower tray. However, deep shower tray installation should be considered, too. It can be very functionally, particularly if children are at house. This solution followers will appeal Eko Plus and Classic series shower tray. Wide range of dimensions provides even better fitting shower tray and shower enclosure to the possibility of bathroom arrangement.

Not only acrylic

Last, but not insignificant issue to note if you buy shower tray is the material which the product is made of. Leaders are shower trays made of sanitary acrylic. They are light, smooth and relatively inexpensive. Easy and fast installation and the way of caring is additionally advantage. In Sanplast offer you can find also the Free Mineral and Space Mineral shower trays made of mineral cast which are very popular too. These shower trays characterize with great using properties and aesthetic qualities. The smooth surface is gentle in touch, resistant for the discolorations and prevents growth of bacteria. White colour and classic line of these products is also guarantee of perfect fitting to the sanitary ware other producers.


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