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2017 novelties

In the New Year we make new resolutions, new ideas. In our company there is also a time, when we introducing new products to our offer, which we hope will meet our clients expectations. Working on our products, we use creative solutions, which with our high quality, will provide comfort of using and pleasure of bath.

TX series, so highly regarded by you had been extended  to bifold door and pentagonal shower enclosure, which are dedicated to smaller bathrooms. One of the novelties in these series are also rectangular bathtubs, available in 10 sizes. Thanks to the extended TX series, each client can find the best solution to his bathroom.


Free Line series had been completed  with a new construction of shower enclosures and new sizes of rectangular bathtubs and new trapeze bathtubs, which present perfectly in bathing rooms. These products, as the name of the series suggest, provide freedom during  the bath..

Along with the new offer, we present a new series of Space Line shower enclosures. The offer includes a wide range of shower solutions, which can be used in each bathroom space.

Walk-in constructions are appreciated solution for installation in bathroom space- both by privat and public investors. To ensure our clients wide choice among these products, we present the new paravans in three shower enclosures series: Free Line II, Prestige and Altus.  In total, it is several dozen of new proposals. We are sure, that our offer will make, that our customers will find exactly that kind of products, what they need.

Our clients appreciate our brand also for the wide range of shower trays. In the new year we would like to encourage our customers to the new solution – trapeze shower trays and dedicated Altus shower paravans. That new shape will be great for practically each bathroom, and will give it an unique character.

Our new offer was built so that customer can, thanks to the one design line, create a fully equiped bath space. Each series provide the ability to create an ideal space for shower and bath.

We encourage you to check our novelties in our 1/2017 Pricelist!  >>

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