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Cookies files

Definition and working method

During using some of the functions on website, server and website's software can use cookies files. Cookies are usually small text informations sent by server and saved on user's computer. Do not posses any ID informations and on their basis we can not determine someone's identity. The data are used for saving contents of products added to clipboard or orders for spares. Thanks to that solution on subsequent visits, pre-selected products will still be visible in each section. Cookies are also used in Google Analitics statistics which help us to understand how users avail from websites. It enables improving of their structures and contents.

Two kinds of cookies are used during visiting website

- session cookies -  temporary files which are stored in user's device till leaving a website (closing browser).
- temporary cookies - files stored in user's device for a time defined by parameters of files or till spontaneous removing by user.

Exclusion of possibility of using cookies

Default settings of browser enable saving cookies in most cases. Without willing for using cookies, user can change setting / browser's preferences by himself - not saving cookies on user's device or getting information about saving cookies each time. There is a possibility of removing cookies from device after closing website Detailed possibilities and method of switching off service of cookies are different and depend on operating system and also browser's producent. Usually are avaiable in "HELP" section. Comprehensive informations are accessible in programing settings (browser). Details for users of different browsers, inter alia:
Internet Explorer,
Mozilla Firefox,

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