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If you are looking for the bathroom equipment for the building object - you are in the right place!

Everything is possible with us!


Dorota Muszynska

phone 603 114 755

In our offer you can find the shower enclosure with high quality,  shower trays made of acrylic and mineral cast, acrylic bathtubs and whirlpool systems. Sanplast offer is structural and stylistic diversified. Most of our shower enclosure has the Glass Protect modification of the glass surface as standard option. We offer the functional bathroom accessories too.

Thanks to our long experience we guarantee not only the product with high quality and compliant with all standars and users requirements, but we ensure also:

  • consultancy in range of product choosing,
  • support in contact with the Sanplast distributors and in organization of delivery process,
  • trainings and presentation of installation,
  • warranty and after warranty service.


You cannot find the offer you are looking for? Check our possibilities! We can pursue the order personalized to you individual needs. We can adjust the shower enclosure to untypical spaces or we pursue the order for non-standard dimension of shower trays made of mineral cast.


You will find the solution and Your clients will find the pure bathing pleasure!

Recommended products for the investment:

Shower encl. KP2DJ/VE-100-S smW0
Shower encl. D4/VE-150-S sbW0
Shower encl. KP4/FREE-90-S cm/sbW0
Shower encl. DJ2/FREE-90-S cm/sbW0
Bathtub WPdo/FREE 75x170+STW biew
Bathtub WP/SPACE 80x180+SP biew
Bathtub WP/AS 70x170 biew
Shower tray BPza/FREE 100x100x4 biew
Shower tray B/SPACE 90x160x3 biew
Shower tray BP/SPACE 90x90x3 biew
Shower tray BPza-b/EKOPLUS 90x90x6,5 bi
Shower tray B-M/SPACE 90x90x1,5 biew
Shower tray B-M/SPACE 80x150x1,5 biew

Where can I buy?

Where can i buy
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