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Aromatheraphy is making by the aromatherapy oil. These are three fragrances available in the Sanplast offer to add splendor to your hydromassage seance:

  • relaxation fragrance - unique composition of Palmarosa, lemon grass and rosewood aroma,s
  • refreshing fragrance - eucalyptus, rosemary and siberian pine blend,
  • sensual fragrance - perfect combination of patchouli, salvia officinalis, rosemary and ylang-ylang

Gel headrests

We take care of the comfortable of every long and relaxing bathing in bathtub followers. In the Sanplast offer you can find equable and resistant to UV ultraviolet gel headrests in black or sky blue colour. Your bathing will be pure pleasure due to the advantages of this product:

  • comfortable using - the headrest adjusts to user head shape,
  • mounting universality - it can be installed on every surface with high adjustment,
  • cleanness guarantee - it can be cleaned with water with soap and it does not lose the features of its,
  • easy to install - when you unstick the protective foil and put the headrest to the clean bathtub surface it will be ready to use.

The stickiness to the flat surfaces is the natural feature of the mounting gel. It makes installation easier and ensures mounting without necessity of interference to the bathtub structure.

Meranti wood

This deciduous exotic wood comes from Indosesia and Malesia. The  variable range of colours from white-grey to dark brown characterizes the various variants of this wood. It is resistant to fungi, insects and other pests. It is equable and extremly restistant to wetness. Meranti wood density depends on the specie and reaches value in range of 300 kg/m3 to 1050 kg/m3.

Merbau wood

This wood grows in Southeast Asia, mainly in Indonesia. This exotic wood specie has warm, variable range from golden brown to dark red colour. The natural characteristic is the space between the fibers filled by the yellowish fluid, making wood more mistery. This wood has a very high density (up to 900 kg / m┬│) and is classified as Class 1 and 2 of resistance to biodegradation. It can be used in conditions of very high humidity. It is resistant to mold and fungi, too. The structure of wood makes it unique dimensional stability and hardness, so it is very resistant to abrasion and dents.

Exotic wood

You can find the handles for the bathtub, caddies, steps, seats and stool made of meranti or merbau exotic wood among the Sanplast accesorries. This material is very resistant to wetness.



Due to the using the different types of materials (shower enclosure - powder painted alluminium, shower tray and bathtub - sanitary acrylic) getting the 100% surface colouring conformity is not possible. Some differences between the colour of shower enclosure and acrylic products are allowable. Due to limitations of the colours display on the monitors, products colours presented may slightly differ from the reality. Please check the colouring with the aluminium profiles and acrylic colours pattern available from our partners.

With reference to the realization by the Sanplas tcontinuous active improvement politics of produced products, Sanplast reserves the right to change the technical characteristic, colouring and prices of products and other elements presented on the website or to remove them from the offer at any time and without prior notice and without any obligation on the part of the Sanplast.

Sanplast does not take responsibility for any possible mistakes on the website.

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