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Non-standard solutions

Bathroom arrangement is the process where the aesthetic issues are depend on the available bathing room surface. Sanplast does not accept this limitation. We open the surface for every user individual needs, but we do not forget about the high quality.

With an eye to variety of your needs regarding the ideal choice of sanitary equipment, we create the shower enclosures, which fit to all bathroom. The programme of shower enclosures for individual order provides non-standard solution in the bathroom arrangement context. It is perfect way to constructive using the adverse spacial arrangement in the rooms to easy and original arrange the bathing room.

Choice of the wall height, colouring and glass fulfilments availability, possibility of creation the liner installation and making the bevels, trims and cuts can be checked on the every shower enclosure website. The wide offer and freedom of product according to the individual needs choice make our bathing room the place of real pure pleasure.

Where can I buy?

Where can i buy
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