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Whirlpool system


We are everyday liable to the stress leverage. The pace of modern life and wanting to have a lot of material goods cause that we do not have much time for relax. All of this is the reason of   increasing  muscle tension, including the respiratory muscles. Compact chest makes our breathing is shallow and unregular. Due to the reducing supply of oxygen to the bloodstream, we feel giddy, hand formication and muscles stiffness. We can become tempestuous, we can have problems with focus and insomnia. Thanks to the strength of buoyancy, water pressure and bathing temperature, the hydromassage reduces tiredness, makes our mood and general feeling better.

The history of whirlpool systems

Hydrotheraphy relies on the water effects on our body. The first information about the treatment properties of water was found in the indian RIGWEDA text - with the date of 1500 years b.c The hydrotherapy came from Greece to the Rome, where was popularized thanks to the huge aqueducts and baths.

The famous therms could accomodate up to 6 thousand of people. Besides of the hygiene targets, the therms were the meeting place, both for social and political issues.

The greatest prosperity, the hydrotherapy experienced in the nineteenth century. Vincent Priessnitz, the son of Bohemian peasant, was the precursor of its. He was born in 1799 in a small village near the nowadays Jesennik. He founded the first European hydrotherapy institute, which was visited by the visitors from the whole Europe.

Another person who contributed to the development of hydrotherapy was Sebastian Kneipp, the german priest. He lived in the Bavaria and studied the herbal and hyro-therapy. He was supporter of a healthy lifestyle, free from stress and effort. He recommended walking through the snow, gentle whole body watering and apply the so-called. "Kneipp Irrigation," that is the watering with the low pressure watering, where the water can freely flow on the patient’s body from the hose. He is the author of saying: “So much hot water as is needed, the cold water as much as patient can hold out."
Hydrotherapy is still growing and every day has more fans.

Therapeutical advantages of whirlpool system

Hydromassage has many advantages. Bathtub with the whirlpool system  relaxes you, helps to equalize the blood pressure and removes the sourdoughs after the effort. The capillaries widens, pores open, allowing for the emission of harmful substances form the body. The scientists tested, that during the bathing in the bathtub with whirlpool system, kidneys and liver working increases up to 30% more than usual.


The hydrotherapy is recommended as a complement of preventive care and has very good influence on the overall well-being of each of us. Water and air streams, outflowing from the jets, positively effects by the following parts of our body:

  • heart and circulatory system - regulates the blood pressure,
  • respiratory system - improves the lung ventilation and deepen the breath;
  • digestive system - speeds up the digestive processes and promotes intestinal peristalsis, relieves flatulence and constipation;
  • muscular and skeleton system - causes relaxation and reduces muscle tension, removes the sourdoughs after the effort;
  • skin - cleans the skin, reinforcing the resistance;
  • nervous system - brings calmness and a good mood, strengthens the regeneration and rebuilding forces, relieves the feeling of pain, stimulates the sense of touch, diverts attention away from everyday problems.

Hydromassage is the natural therapy for attenuating insomnia, chronic fatigue, exhaustion, neurasthenia and vegetative neurosis. Hydrotherapy allows for longer maintain good form and youth, has positive effects both for the body and the mind, in accordance to the saying: "In a healthy body, is the healthy mind."


Due to the using the different types of materials (shower enclosure - powder painted alluminium, shower tray and bathtub - sanitary acrylic) getting the 100% surface colouring conformity is not possible. Some differences between the colour of shower enclosure and acrylic products are allowable. Due to limitations of the colours display on the monitors, products colours presented may slightly differ from the reality. Please check the colouring with the aluminium profiles and acrylic colours pattern available from our partners.

With reference to the realization by the Sanplas tcontinuous active improvement politics of produced products, Sanplast reserves the right to change the technical characteristic, colouring and prices of products and other elements presented on the website or to remove them from the offer at any time and without prior notice and without any obligation on the part of the Sanplast.

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