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Air whirlpool system

The whirlpool system advantages

We are everyday liable to the stress leverage. The pace of modern life and wanting to have a lot of material goods cause that we do not have much time for relax. All of this is the reason of   increasing  muscle tension, including the respiratory muscles. Compact chest makes our breathing is shallow and unregular. Due to the reducing supply of oxygen to the bloodstream, we feel giddy, hand formication and muscles stiffness. We can become tempestuous, we can have problems with focus and insomnia. Thanks to the strength of buoyancy, water pressure and bathing temperature, the hydromassage reduces tiredness, makes our mood and general feeling better.

Air whirlpool system

Air whirlpool system is gentler system than the aqua one. It is usually chosen by the women, children and older people. The skin oxygenation is the main adventage. In case of using the pump with ozonator, it is additionally  antiseptic, fungicidal and virucidal. The jets are in the bottom of the bathtub, so the air bubbles are placed on the maximum surface area. Air massage oxidises the skin, increases blood flow and relaxes muscles. It has particularly  therapeutic meaning with the pain of muscle tension, sciatica, damage of intervertebral discs and many other diseases.
Bathing with the air has invaluable cosmetic advantages. It removes pregnancy changes, reduces cellulit and makes skin condition better.

Function and equipment reviewClassic
Free Line
Electronic steering

Remote control device

LED display

Diode system

Air jets - bathtub bottom


Air jets - back


Air jets - feet


Air pump [W]


Air heating




Power LED underwater lighting

Anti-vibrational shock absorbers under the pumps

Flexible pads under the steel feet

Bathtub emptying sensor

Air massage intensity regulation

Zonal massage (air)

Wave effect by air jets

The chosen function readiness signal

Massage time programming

Pre-programmed massage cycle (20 min.)

Dispaly of massage time left

Optimum water level signalling

"Dry run" protection

Information about the "drying process" progress

Automatic drying of air ducts and jets

Water temperature readout




available in standard
extra pay options
* air heating and ozoning air only together available

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