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Aqua whirlpool system

The whirlpool system advantages

We are everyday liable to the stress leverage. The pace of modern life and wanting to have a lot of material goods cause that we do not have much time for relax. All of this is the reason of   increasing  muscle tension, including the respiratory muscles. Compact chest makes our breathing is shallow and unregular. Due to the reducing supply of oxygen to the bloodstream, we feel giddy, hand formication and muscles stiffness. We can become tempestuous, we can have problems with focus and insomnia. Thanks to the strength of buoyancy, water pressure and bathing temperature, the hydromassage reduces tiredness, makes our mood and general feeling better. 

Aqua whirlpool system

Aqua hydromassage relies on massaging the body by the water flowing from the jets placed on the bathtub sides. The water circulates in closed circuit. The pump sucked it by the drain with suction placed on the bathtub side. The immeresed body is carried by the strenght of buoyancy of water and all of joints and muscles are relax. The moves are more efficient and smooth, what is particularly important during the treating the locomotor system diseases. Water pressure stimulates blood circulation, accelerates the heart rate and has beneficial effect on intestinal peristalsis. Water in the skin contact causes heat  exchange between the body interior and its surface, what affects the thermal regulation of blood vessels.  During the aqua massage the main muscles, joints adn other internal organs are relaxed. This type of massage is prefered by the men, because it is more intense and more strongly affects the whole body. 

Function and equipment reviewBasic HWEBClassic AQC2Free Line AQFRComfort AQC4
Electronic steering

Remote control device

LED display

Diode system

Water jets - bathtub sides


Water jets - back


Water jets - feet


Water pump [W]


Power LED underwater lighting

Anti-vibrational shock absorbers under the pumps

Flexible pads under the steel feet

Wave effect by water jets

Pulsational massage (water)

Water system aeration

Water pump power regulation

Drain with suction

The chosen function readiness signal

Massage time programming

Pre-programmed massage cycle (20 min.)

Dispaly of massage time left

Optimum water level signalling

"Dry run" protection

Water temperature readout
Water heater  2000W
Bathtub filling through jets

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