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Whirpool system options


If you have the whirlpool system, you should remember about the cleaning.  Disinfection is one of optional equipment elements to the whirlpool system. Semi-automatic disinfection should be done in the bathtub filled with water. It consists on dispensing of liquid disinfectant into the water and run the aqua and air system. Then the bath should be emptied and rinsed with clean water. Regular disinfection of the bath thoroughly cleans the system from the cosmetics and eliminates the possibility of failures caused by pollution.


The ozone is very effective agent with antiseptic, fungicidal and virucidal properties (it is three hundred times stronger than chlorine). It is used to the water treatment.  It can therapeutically assist the treatment: burns, poorly healing wounds, joint diseases, metabolic disorders. In the cosmetic medicine, the ozone can be used to prevent cellulite and control the striae and postoperative swelling.

Flow-through water heater 2000W

You can extend the duration of bathing pleasure by the flow-through water heater 2000W, keeping the stable temperature on the chosen comfortable level. It prevents the cooling of water during a long bath (cold water is not heated). The flow sensor provides a heating effect only while the aqua system is working. The choice of water temperature is set by the knob on the heater (temperature range from 35 ° C to 45 ° C) before installation the bathtub apron.


Air heating

One of the option of whirlpool system equipment is the 300W heater with ozoning in the air pump. The heater heats the air outflowing from air jets. Warm air keeps the water temperature, increasing the comfort and extending the duration of bathing pleasure. 



The colours are necessary to fully perceive and interprete of the reality. The colours were used in alternative medicine for many years. The academic medicine is interested in the colours now. Specialists test how the colours improve our wellbeing.This is the way how the chromotherapy was born. The effects of colour give a feeling of harmony balance and quietness and alleviate various tensions. The possibility of chosing the lighting programme lets you achieve the desired effect. Colours theraphy helps in the treatment of many diseases, including gastrointestinal, respiratory and circulatory, nerve pain, migraines, back and kidney diseases, ailments feminine neurosis and depression.

In the Sanplast offer the colours therapy is done by the two light points with LED diodes, which allow for choice of 8 colours. One of three automatic programmes can be chosen on the electronic steering panel:

  1. Rotational - steply changing colours every 5 secunds.
  2. Energizing - changing colorus in optimal time and frequency. Energizing program aims to renew and strengthen the body, relieves symptoms of disease and adds vitality. The program lasts 19 minutes.
  3. Relaxing - fluently changing colours every 5 secunds

Sanplast chromotherapy is doing by the 8 therapeutic colours:

  • Red colour - increases blood pressure, supports circulation and adds energy,
  • Orange - stimulates good mood, regulates the heart's functioning and metabolism,
  • Yellow - helps in the treatment of stomach ailments and certain skin disorders, facilitates concentration,
  • Green - calms and improves one's mood, increases self-confidence, supports metabolism,
  • Blue -calms, helps in the treatment of reumatism and throat diseases,
  • Indigo - alleviates the symptoms of inflammatory conditions of the ears, nose, throat and lungs and helps in the poisoning treatment,
  • Purple - regulates the functioning of the endocrine system, especially the pituitary body, supports the development of  leucocytes, and helps in the treatment of lung, liver and kidney diseases,
  • White - universal colour that protects and bring calmness and a good mood, and ensures clean feelings and thoughts.


Aromatherapy is an increasingly popular fragrance treatment, where the natural and clean vegetal substances are used. Bathing seances are enriched by the essential oils for relaxation for the mind and body, which make your mood more excellent. Aromatherapy is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, relaxant and warms the body. It can be great element of everyday health care. Bathings are the easiest and the most comfortable way of aromatherapy. It helps in the treatment of insomnia, relieves muscle pain and improves blood circulation. The recommended time of bathing should not exceed 20 minutes. The most optimal conditions for aromatherapy is water at a temperature within 35-38 °.
These are three fragrances available in the Sanplast offer:

  • relaxation fragrance - unique composition of Palmarosa, lemon grass and rosewood aroma,
  • refreshing fragrance - eucalyptus, rosemary and siberian pine blend,
  • sensual fragrance - perfect combination of patchouli, salvia officinalis, rosemary and ylang-ylang flowers.

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