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Classic II

Completeness, a perfect fit and full functionality are the main features of the new Classic II four-wall shower enclosures series. It's a completely new solution for showering. Wherever important is the availability of each elements in one place and easy installation, Classic II series will find the funs of it. The offer includes a wide range of solutions, which consist of: four-walls shower enclosure made of tempered safety glass with Glass Protect - glass surface modification, thermostatic, rain head, shower hand, shelf, railing and the shower tray with apron, feet and siphon. We offer everything needed to create the ideal showering place as one complete set!

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kpl-KCKN/CLIIa Price from: 2763.00 PLN Dimensions from: 80x80 Series: Classic II
kpl-KCKP4/CLIIa Price from: 2939.00 PLN Dimensions from: 90x90 Series: Classic II
kpl-KCDJ/CLIIa Price from: 3094.00 PLN Dimensions from: 80x80 Series: Classic II
kpl-KCDJwn/CLIIa Price from: 3459.00 PLN Dimensions from: 80x100 Series: Classic II
kpl-KCD2/CLIIa Price from: 3608.00 PLN Dimensions from: 80x120 Series: Classic II
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