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Free Line

The FREE LINE series is the construction solution, perfectly suits to the modern products design. It includes many shapes and types of shower enclosures, shower trays and bathtubs. The wide products range gives you unlimited possibility of bathroom space arrangment. Shower enclosures made of safety glass sheets with Glass Protect modification, are equipped in subtle aluminium profiles and gentle chromo-plated hinges, providing the stylish design. Transparent seals and board assembled on the shower tray or bathtub ensure the product tightness. Wide shower tray range lets you create the set with most of Sanplast shower enclosure offer. The choice of acrylic bathtubs - rectangular, symmetric, asymmetric and oval - gives you the possible to order the product perfectly satisfied your individual needs. Modern design of the FREE LINE series, luxury construction and elegant details create harmonious wholeness for your bathing room.

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PW1/FREE Price from: 719.00 PLN Dimensions from: 70 Series: Free Line
P/FREE Price from: 909.00 PLN Dimensions from: 80 Series: Free Line
PW2/FREE Price from: 931.00 PLN Dimensions from: 90 Series: Free Line
DJ2/FREE Price from: 1360.00 PLN Dimensions from: 80 Series: Free Line
KNDJ2/FREE Price from: 1685.00 PLN Dimensions from: 75x90 Series: Free Line
KN4/FREE Price from: 1749.00 PLN Dimensions from: 80x80 Series: Free Line
KP4/FREE Price from: 2096.00 PLN Dimensions from: 80x80 Series: Free Line
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