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The AVANTGARDE series is the beauty closed in the modern form. Shower enclosures and bathtubs, which you can find here, are characterized by the unusual elegant line. The uniqueness of construction is underlined by the subtle profiles an gentle details. Wholeness is the compromise between the classic line and modernistic decoration. The safety glass sheets and hinges smooth from the inside ensure product stability and make its more prestigious. Special bathtub profiling allows for the bathtub battery installation - near the wall or in the corner. The luxury variant of bathtub is equipped in original stainless steel railings which can also serve the hanger function.

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WP-AVII/EX Price from: 1786.00 PLN Dimensions from: 100x170 Series: Avantgarde
WS-AVII/EX Price from: 1955.00 PLN Dimensions from: 140x140 Series: Avantgarde
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